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What is Compressed Earth Block?

Compressed Earth Block is a type of manufactured construction material that is formed in a mechanical press that forms an appropriate mix of dirt, non-expansive clay and aggregate into a compressed block.

Impact 2001A Series
Compressed Earth Block Machine

The Impact 2001A is the automated model. The Impact 2001 machines are very light and can be hauled behind a farm tractor, compact car or compact pickup equipped with a ball hitch. Other hitches are available at time of manufacturer. The machine can also be moved by hand around the site. The 2001A series are designed for the homeowner or small contractor and can be loaded with shovels or buckets. AECT provides a limited workmanship and craftmanship warranty and warranties are also issued by the specific machine component suppliers. A 5 foot removable gravity roller conveyor and stand are included for convenience in block handling.

Weight: 1640 pounds for Automated 2001
Dimensions: 81 inches (206 cm( long by 56 inches (142.2 cm) wide by 51 inches (130 cm) high. Road clearance approximately 6 inches (15 cm)
Engine: 7.0 HP Yanmar diesel engine
Hydraulics: World Wide Hydraulics, 19.5 gallon tank capacity. Beta rated high quality filtration
Hopper Capacity: 8-9 Blocks
Nominal Block Production: Approximately 300 blocks per hour or 2400 per 8 hour day.
No Block Curing Required: Blocks ejected by the machine are immediately ready to place in the wall or to stack on pallets for temporary storage
Trailer Chracteristics: Can be towed at 60 mph by 2 inch ball hitch compact car or truck. Can be moved easily by hand on site.
Brake Light and Turn Signal: An optional Magnetic Removable brake lights and turn signal setup for connecting towing vehicle to machine is available.
Block, Dimensions, Weight, and Slurry Bonding: Typically, the blocks are 6.0 inches (15 cm) wide by 12 inches (30.5 cm) long by 2.0 to 4.5 inches (5.0 cm to 11.5 cm) thick. Each block weighs between 9-18 pounds (4.1 Kg to 8.1 Kg) depending on the soil and block thickness. Blocks are bonded together using the wet thin soil slurry or other conventional methods. The soil slurry is made with only water and screened soil. Blocks can also be placed in the wall using the traditional thick mud mortar method.
Impact 2001A
                                                                                           Impact 2001A