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What is Compressed Earth Block?

Compressed Earth Block is a type of manufactured construction material that is formed in a mechanical press that forms an appropriate mix of dirt, non-expansive clay and aggregate into a compressed block.

AECT 2500HD Series
Compressed Earth Block Machine with Hopper


4000 pounds (2500 Heavy Duty)
Dimensions: 133 in. long (with ball hitch) or 131 in. long (with a Pental hitch) x 81 in. wide x 109 in. high when Hopper is open, and 85 in. high when hopper is closed. (332.74 cm. long (Pental) x 205.74 cm. wide x 276.86 cm. high w/ hopper open 215.9 cm. closed.) Road clearance approximately 12 inches (30.5 cm)
Power Source:

22 HP - 3 Cylinder Yanmar Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Hydraulic System Volume:

Worldwide hydraulics, 50-gallon tank capacity, Beta rated filtration system with oil cooler.

Hopper Capacity: 85 - 105 Blocks (depending on block thickness), one yard of soil
Block Production Rate: Approximately 480 blocks per hour. Soil only blocks ejected by the machine are immediately ready to place in the wall or to stack on pallets for temporary storage. Cement or Lime stabilized blocks must be cured as per normal curing method.
Block Sizes: Typical block size is 6” (15 cm) X 12” (30.5 cm) X 2.0 to 4.5” (5.0 cm to 11.5 cm) thick and weigh between 9-18 pounds (4.1 Kg t0 8.1 Kg) depending on the soil and block thickness.  Soil only blocks are bonded together using the wet thin soil slurry or other conventional methods.  The soil slurry is made with only water and screened soil.  Blocks can also be placed in the wall using the traditional thick mud mortar method.

CE and EC compliant. Replaceable Tray contact wear plates, Replaceable Breech liners, 5 foot removable gravity roller conveyor and stand are standard.

Warranty Requirements:

We require 2 days for training 1- 4 people. On the Machine, Soil Selection, Site Management and Product Safety to validate the Warranty.    

Trailer Characteristics:

Can be towed at legal highway speeds by interchangeable 2” ball                    
hitch or by Pental hitch by a ½ ton truck. This includes electric brake
and USA lighting package.