Earth Block Construction

What is Compressed Earth Block?

Compressed Earth Block is a type of manufactured construction material that is formed in a mechanical press that forms an appropriate mix of dirt, non-expansive clay and aggregate into a compressed block.

MX10 Soil Mixing Machine

The MX10 Soil Mixing Machine is capable of mixing soiled stabilizers at a variable rate up to 10+ yards per hour.  Moisture is added as required thru 5 nozzles that can be controlled by operator for desired ratios.  The additives, cement, lime, fly ash, and moisture call all be controlled to operator’s specification.  The machine will process enough soil to feed 1-AECT MC3500 or 2-2500HD Soil Block Machines.

Weight: 5000 pounds (2268 kg)
Dimensions: Width 7’2” (218.4 cm)       Length 14’6” (441.9 cm)
Height for transport 75” (190.5 cm)      Operating 96” (243.8 cm)
Hydraulics:  Worldwide hydraulics, Beta rated filter, 50 gal.oil capacity, motor driven forced air cooler
Hopper Capacity: 1 yard (2200 to 2300 lbs.)  (997.9 kg   to  1043.3 kg)
Mixing Trough: Rubber trough with bolt on replaceable paddles
Additive Hopper: 12 cu ft.  = 1150 lbs. cement (521 kg)                       
500 lbs. lime (227 kg)                        
550 fly ash (250 kg)
Production: Variable up to 10+ yards per hour (22,000lbs)
Engine: Yanmar 4TNV88, 47.5 HP, Low oil pressure and over heat protection, California certified tier III engine
Trailer: USA lighting package, 1-5000 lb. axle, brakes on rear axle, 2” ball hitch (pental available at production) can be towed by heavy half ton or ¾ ton standard pickup.  May be towed at legal highway speed or as road condition dictates.