Compressed Earth Blocks


AECT Compressed Earth Blocks

Our compressed earth blocks are structural blocks, easy to lay and are moisture sealed with latex paints and Lime/Portland cement plasters. Use of AECT compressed earth block provides opportunities for many different plaster and paint finishing coats with a large variety of textures and types of materials. 

Unstabilized Blocks

AECT unstabilized blocks require zero curing time, and can be immediately placed into the wall or stacked on a pallet to be used later. These blocks typically have a minimum of 800 psi (56kg/sq cm) compressive, so they are already above the 300 psi required by most codes and will continue to harden in the wall. 

After the blocks have cured, the bearing capacity is typically over 1100 psi (77 kg/sq cm). Soil-only blocks have been produced in the USA having over 1600 psi (112 kg/sq cm) bearing capacity and over 140 psi (10 kg/sq cm) modulus of rupture. 

Stabilized Blocks

AECT cement stabilized compressed earth blocks typically have bearing capacities ranging from 2500-3900 psi (175-274 kg/sq cm) with a modulus rupture ranging from 250-600 psi (10-42 kg/sq cm). Cement stabilized blocks only need to be used when the blocks are being placed in environments where the blocks will be submerged in water or high moisture/rain during construction


AECT compressed earth blocks can be manufactured in our factory in San Antonio, TX or onsite. Due to the weight of the blocks, shipping long distances tends to be prohibitively expensive. We offer competitive rates to manufacture on your site using local soil. Call or email for a custom quote.