An AECT Mega Mixer and 3500 CEB machine making 10" x 14" x 3.5" compressed earth blocks

How to build a CEB home

One-minute video showing how to turn a pile of earth into a beautiful CEB home!

a note from our president - Ryan Runge

Thank you for your interest in AECT compressed earth block products and services.  Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies was established in 1989 and has been building quality equipment and providing unparalleled support for the earthen construction industry ever since.   AECT's various CEB machines produce anywhere from 240 to 480 compressed earth blocks per hour and are extremely energy efficient, consuming a minimal amount of electrical power or diesel fuel.  We have been involved in projects in more than 50 countries around the world and are continually working to make advancements that reduce construction time and labor costs.  Through the work of AECT, compressed earth blocks have become a viable building material that can be mass-produced to high technical standards. AECT's portable, self-contained CEB machines allow builders to produce compressed earth blocks on site, reducing cost and carbon footprint for both residential and commercial construction. 

Earthen construction has stood the test of time (at least 5,000 years by most accounts).  It's hard to argue with a building material that's natural, fire proof, bullet proof, tornado proof, hurricane proof, insect proof, eco-friendly, durable, and overwhelmingly beautiful!  CEB construction, made possible through the use of  AECT compressed earth block machines, offers a natural, environmentally friendly and inexpensive method of building...and because of the high energy efficiency of the earth blocks themselves, the real savings is in the reduced energy cost experienced over the life of the home. 

The AECT compressed earth block system is helping to re-establish earth as a primary building material.  We're glad you found us and hope you'll join us in showing that the world's search for a durable, eco-friendly, inexpensive, and beautiful means of construction is over!

Semper Terrae

Ryan Runge, President 

Our President, Ryan Runge, standing in front of an earth block house

Our President, Ryan Runge, standing in front of his earth block house

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AECT's off-grid CEB home

Want to stay in a CEB house?

Come visit us in San Antonio, and spend the night in this beautiful CEB home featured on "Building off the Grid".  

This home is 100% off the grid and GREEN. You’ll find it rustic but clean and comfortable.  It is entirely made from earth using AECT CEBs (compressed earth blocks). The floor is Earthen and sealed with linseed oil. The ceiling, trim and closet walls are made from up cycled barn wood. The sinks, tub and appliances were rescued from finding their way in the landfill. We believe in sustainable living and doing our part to leave Earth better than we found it.

Sustainable building with compressed earth blocks

Check out our zero concrete, off-grid project with solar, geothermal and water reclamation systems that will be featured on an episode of "Building off the Grid. 

Why AECT Compressed EARTH blocks?


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