AECT Block Cutter


 Advanced  Earthen Construction Technolologies, Inc. manufacturers the  AECT Earth  Block Cutter at the AECT Factory in San Antonio, Texas. AECT  is the  only company in the world to make this Earth Block Cutter for  cutting  compressed earth block used in full load bearing, masonry  constructed  structures. This AECT Earth Block Cutter quickly produces  straight cuts  on compressed earth blocks produced by the AECT  compressed earth block  machines even when the rock content in the soil  is high. The AECT Earth  Block Cutter will easily cut soil-only block,  cement-stabilized earth  block and fly-ash stabilized earth blocks at  any needed angle in  seconds when the blocks are freshly made. Cement  stabilized earth  blocks and Fly Ash stabilized earth blocks may have to  be cut with a  carbide tipped power saw after the cement sets up for a  day or two.  Soil-only compressed earth blocks can be cut using the AECT  Earth Block  Cutter at the time of manufacture, months or years after  the initial  time of production of the blocks. Typically, soil-only  compressed earth  blocks cut by the AECT Earth Block Cutter are used for  decorative  arches, decorative door effects, decorative window effects,  and curved  wall effects.

General Description:  The AECT Earth Block  Cutter is sold to  AECT customers in one assembly. It measures less than  30 inches by 24  inches and it weighs less than 60 pounds. The assembly  can be easily  carried and placed by 1 or 2 persons at the construction  site. It has a  steel reinforced handle assembly, a steel floating base  assembly to  hold the block during cutting, and a steel cutting  assembly made up of  a bottom steel cutting edge and top steel cutting  edge. The block is  placed between the two cutting edges at the angle  desired and then the  handle is depressed causing the two cutting edges  to cut the block. The  whole cutting operation for a block can take  place in less than 10  seconds.

The AECT Earth Block Cutter is simple to use and provides the user with   a fast, repeatable, and effective way to cut blocks used in the   construction of structures. The constructor usually needs odd shaped   blocks to complete the structure. Training in its use and maintenance   typically takes less than 15 minutes. 


ALL PRICES ARE FOB SAN ANTONIO, TX. USD Shipping and loading are not included in these prices. Due to volatile steel, oil and transportation prices, these prices subject to change with 30 days’ notice.