In the beginning

  In 1989, a small group of entrepreneurs in San Antonio, Texas set out to become the first manufacturers of compressed earth block (CEB) machines in the United States. Over the following 28 years, fueled by the mechanical prowess and imagination of Lawrence Jetter, Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies (AECT) would serve as the cradle for the fastest, most reliable compressed earth block (CEB) machines in the world! 


The next chapter


In 2017, right about the time Lawrence was retiring and planning to close up the business, Ryan Runge and a business partner met Lawrence and became intrigued with the idea of compressed earth blocks. The stars aligned, AECT was purchased, and the next chapter in this great company’s history would begin!

Constructing AECT's new HOMe

Making compressed earth blocks


Ryan and the team moved into an empty pasture, revved up an AECT 3500 CEB machine, and started making the 10,000 blocks needed to complete the 3,200 square foot earth block building that would become AECT's new headquarters.

Stacking CEBs


Ten thousand 10" x 14" x 3.5" un-stabilized compressed earth blocks were produced over the course of just a few weeks and stacked on pallets...staged and ready to be stacked onto the wall over a couple of months. 

AECT 3500 compressed earth machine at work

This 12-year old AECT 3500 CEB machine was a work horse for us on the build of our new 3,200 square foot workshop.  This 3500 made over ten thousand 10"x14"x 3.5" compressed earth blocks without missing a beat!  click here for more information on our 3500 model compressed earth block machines. 

CEBs made and walls going up


Once all the earth blocks were produced and ready to go, we started building the CEB walls on the facility where we would eventually manufacture brand new compressed earth block machines.

New CEB home almost complete


You can't beat the beautiful natural look of a compressed earth block wall!

Finished with large porch over-hangs and lime plaster coating


For our un-stabilized CEBs, large porch over-hangs on the front and back of the building allow us to leave the un-covered look of the naturally beautiful earth block walls.  On the East and West ends of the facility, we covered the CEB walls with a lime plaster which is natural, breathable, and inexpensive.

New CEB home complete and ready for move-in


 AECT now has a beautiful, fire-proof, naturally climate controlled facility that we can take pride in and be comfortable working in for decades to come.  


Team effort

Building a new manufacturing facility out of AECT compressed earth blocks was a big first step in the direction Ryan and the team wanted to take AECT moving forward.  The project was a great proving grounds for Ryan, and not only did it give the organization a place they could call their also served as a great demonstration of what can be done with a pile of earth and an AECT compressed earth block machine!   

For more information on our services and our machines, email us at or call 210-400-9831.  For specifications on the 3500 model CEB machines used on this build, click below: