Small Block Press


 Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies, Inc. manufacturers the AECT  Small Block Press at the AECT Factory in San Antonio, Texas. AECT is the  only company in the world to make this AECT Small Block Press for  testing/marketing of compressed earth block used for full load bearing,  masonry construction block. This small block press tests the soils over  the same pressures and moisture ranges used by the AECT compressed earth  block machines.

General Description:  The Small Block Press is sold to  AECT customers in two hand made wooden storage/transport boxes. The  Small Block Press operates over a pressure range of 1000 to 6000 pounds  per square inch. The press produces a 1 inch by 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches  earth block or cement/earth block or fly ash/earth block. The press is  designed to provide a one-quarter scale size block of the typical AECT  compressed earth block (10 inches x 14 inches x 4 inches) made by the  AECT automated 480 block per hour, compressed earth block machine. The  Small Block Press comes in two sections. Each section weights about  50-60 pounds for a total weight of about 115 pounds including the weight  of the wooden boxes.

 One Section is made up of the AECT machined press frame assembly with  hydraulic pressure ram/press plate assembly and high pressure line quick  connect/disconnect in the top of the assembly. Three other elements  make up this section: (1) the steel press plate (removable), (2) the  steel ejection plate (removable) and (3) the steel mold (removable) for  holding/aligning the soil that is going to be pressed. All of these  elements and the press frame assembly have close tolerances and fit  together with high precision. That precision and the training that AECT  provides purchasers of the AECT Small Block Press are important to  control the small block testing process for uniformity of compression of  soils, to minimize damage to the Press Assembly, and to minimize  damage/injury to the Users due to not paying attention during operation.

 The other Section is made up of the hand operated pressure pump assembly  with a 1000 to 6000 psi liquid filled pressure meter, a pressure relief  ( value, and a 6000 psi rated hydraulic hose with quick  disconnect couplings on both ends.

 The AECT Small Block Press is simple to use and provides the user with  very important information related to the block strength characteristics  and block making ability of soils in both field and laboratory  conditions. Training in it’s use and care only takes 1-2 hours. Training  in gathering representative soil samples, preparing soils for testing  and testing of soils, and interpreting the results takes 5-6 hours. AECT  trains purchasers by having them experience many different soils so  that the Purchaser can determine how to best test their soils  independently and realistically. 


ALL PRICES ARE FOB SAN ANTONIO, TX. USD Shipping and loading are not included in these prices. Due to volatile steel, oil and transportation prices, these prices subject to change with 30 days’ notice.