HAND-MADE AECT machinery

Best-in-the-business Welding

Welding on a BP714

For over 30 years, our welders have been building the best compressed earth block (CEB) machines in the world!

Hand Fabrication

Fabricating an AECT 3500 compressed earth block machine

Each of our CEB machines is made by hand with heavy-duty components.  They are designed and built to last decades and can produce over a million compressed earth blocks!


Welding on an AECT 3500 compressed earth block machine

All our machines are made in the USA, starting with American-made heavy-duty steel.

Cutting-edge Technology

Fabricating a BP714 compressed earth block machine

Our design team is always developing AECT machines to ensure we are providing the best-in-the-industry products for our customers.

Quality Assurance

Testing a BP714

Using our 30+ years of experience producing CEBs, we put every machine we sell through our rigorous testing process; it doesn't leave our shop until it's making perfect CEBs.

Built in San Antonio

AECT headquarters

All our machines are built in our facility right in SE San Antonio, TX (which, of course, is made out of CEBs produced by AECT machines!).  Come check us out!  

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