AECT Consulting Services

With our 30+ years of CEB industry experience behind us, we are well equipped to provide you with everything you need to set up a successful CEB operation.  We go to your site and advise your team on everything from optimizing your process flow and making sure you have all the needed implements to make your project run prepping and mixing material and making, stacking, curing, and eventually laying earth blocks.

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Services offered

A line of compressed earth blocks coming out of an AECT CEB machine

Our services include but are not limited to:  

- Soil testing and selection

- Soil moisture control

- CEB machinery usage and calibration

- CEB machinery maintenance

- Construction site setup

- Block stacking and curing methods

- Block-production process flow

- Story-pole and level-line setup

- CEB construction process flow

- Slurry mixing techniques

- Block laying methods

- Block cutting methods

- Methods of running utilities

- Earthen floor process

- Earthen plaster process

- Lime plaster process

- Home design 

Consulting Rates (not including travel and lodging)

Daily Rate:      $1,200             

Weekly Rate:  $5,000

AECT equipment rental

AECT machinery can be rented with an operator. Our CEB batch plant consists of a 3500 CEB machine along with a Mega Mixer, a 20-foot power conveyor to feed mixed earth from the mixer to the 3500, power and gravity conveyors, with stands (to convey finished blocks away from the CEB machine and onto pallets), block cutters, spare machine parts, and all tools needed to maintain machinery during the course of your project. Mobilization, which includes batch plant transport/set up, soil testing/selection, equipment fine-tuning, and initial crew training, typically takes about a month.  A typical AECT batch plant is shown in the picture to the right. Also, see below for a video of our mobile block plant in action.  

A panoramic view of an AECT compressed earth block batch plant

Once set up on site, this AECT block plant has the capability to produce almost 4,000 (10" x 14") blocks per day.  Our Mega Mixer, 3500 CEB machine, and auxiliary equipment allows a continuous feed of material from the dirt pile to the pallet!

AECT CEB plant

A complete AECT compressed earth block batch plant in Austin, Texas

AECT block plant set up and ready to go

An AECT CEB batch plant making 50,000 compressed earth blocks

Feeding material from tractor to Mega Mixer to 3500 to the pallet

An AECT CEB machine making 10" x 14" compressed earth blocks

 Making 10" x 14" x 3.5" cement-stabilized CEBs at a rate of 480 blocks per hour 

rental Pricing structure

Mobilization, which includes batch plant transport/set up, soil testing/selection, equipment fine-tuning, and initial crew training, typically takes about a month. Mobilization of our batch plant to your location is priced according to the map pictured on the right.  

Green zone:     $20,000

Orange zone:  $25,000

Blue zone:       $30,000

The 3500 CEB machine can make block sizes of 10” x 14”, 8” x 14”, and 7” x 14” (thickness can be set anywhere from 2” to 4.5”). In addition to the mobilization cost, the cost structure of renting the batch plant is as follows:

Customer provides labor:   $1.00 per block

AECT provides labor:            $2.00 per block

Customer is responsible for providing tractors (front loader), forklifts, earth, sand (if applicable), stabilizer (typically cement or lime), water, fuel, electric services, hydraulic oil, pallets, plastic wrap, secure tool storage, and lodging for AECT resources.

Map of the U.S. showing delineation of AECT CEB shipping rates

AECT batch plant deployed to Boswell, Oklahoma

This AECT batch plant (consisting of an AECT Mega Mixer,  AECT 3500 CEB machine, 20' power-conveyor belt, roller conveyors, and support equipment) was deployed to Boswell, OK in May of 2020 so that a family of seven could build their dream CEB home.  We used the earth that was excavated right there on site and made over 10,000 beautiful CEBs using this batch plant.

AECT 3500 kicking out blocks fast!

Once all the supporting equipment (tractors, forklifts, pallets, generators, water source) is in place, the material (earth and, if desired, stabilizer) is ready to go, and the crew has been trained, AECT can typically make about 5,000 to 8,000 (10" x 14" x 3.5") CEBs per week at your site. 

AECT batch plant deployed to Austin, Texas

This customer used AECT's equipment to produce over 40,000 (10" x 14" x 3.5") cement-stabilized CEBs for a large commercial build in Austin, TX.